About Hudson Valley AgriBusiness

The purpose of the HVADC is the development, promotion, enhancement and retention of the agricultural industry and its associated economic and environmental benefits within New York’s Hudson Valley. HVADC promotes the Hudson Valley as an attractive, viable region for agriculture through technical assistance, business development services and the coordination of financial and other resources.

HVADC differentiates itself from other economic development entities in the region by focusing its programming on a narrow set of industry clusters:

• Production Agriculture
• Value-added food processing
• Agriculturally related marketing and distribution
• Agriculturally related alternative energy production
• Agro/culinary tourism
• Agricultural biotechnology and related research

Columbia, Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties have joined to form the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation. Each Counties’ Economic Development Offices have committed financial resources to HVADC. In addition the Dyson Foundation, Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation, USDA Rural Development, NYS DOS Quality Communities Program and several NYS Legislative Line Items have been awarded to encourage the development of the HVADC and support its projects.

In general, HVADC strives to enhance the bottom line of farm businesses and strengthen the agricultural industry as a whole. The range of projects assisted thus far includes processing facilities and value-added initiatives, analysis and start up assistance for new ventures and enterprises, marketing assistance, market expansion and improvement of distribution networks for the region’s agricultural businesses.

During its start-up year of 2007, HVADC was able to direct significant resources, both professional and technical, to agricultural development projects. These projects ranged widely in concept to include the development of a farmer-owned vegetable processing facility, feasibility analysis for a local biodiesel manufacturing plant, business start-up support for a renewable fuels related biotechnology start-up, and fundraising for a local dairy processing cooperative.

Projects and Programs

• Hudson Valley Regional Agribusiness Development Strategic Plan
• HVADC Agribusiness Incubator Without Walls
• Hudson Valley Biofuels Feasibility and Biodiesel Refinery Analysis
• Columbia / Orange / Dutchess County Bounty- Farm to Chef Programs
• Hudson Valley Dairy Forum


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